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Google Ads location targeting glitch causes advertiser frustration

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Advertisers reported a Google Ads location targeting glitch back in mid-October where they received an error saying their ads were not running due to a location targeting issue.

The bug, which has become a trending topic on the Google Ads Help forum, was acknowledged by the Google Ads tech team as a technical error according to the comments on the support site. “I contacted one of the Google reps, and he said, ‘That’s an error we have reported to the technical team,’” said the original issue poster.

“We’ve received an update from our wider team informing that the issue with Ad preview tool is now fixed. In case you are still facing any issues while using the tool, please feel free to share the details (including uncropped screenshots) and I’d be happy to escalate for further investigations,” said a Google rep according to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable. However just as recently as yesterday many advertisers were still reporting the error.

Why we care. If you’re still seeing the issue in your account, you’re not alone. We’d recommend reporting it as an issue to your Google rep and adding a screenshot to the help forum discussion. If there’s potential for it to affect your campaigns, make sure to annotate your analytics and inform your clients and stakeholders of the glitch.

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